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We're on Christmas and New Year break from midday 22nd of Dec, and are back from 8th Jan 2024.

We are a small team of technology enthusiasts who love creating exceptional user experiences for the web.

From schools, shopping centres and government websites through to not-for-profit organisations, startup ventures and coffee shops, we can get your Adelaide business online and searchable.

Over the past 10 years we've been making small, medium and large businesses shine online, and we are ready for anything you can throw at us.

Adelaide Websites is the web team of Alltraders, residing on Greenhill Road, next to the parklands.

This is who we are and what we generally look like most of the time.

Meet the Team

Eli Burford


Senior Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Account Manager

Eli is the guy who custom designs our websites precisely to specification, to the pixel, and on budget.

Leading the team over the past few years and responsible for many successful rebrands, he'll usually be the one calling the shots and your main point of contact for larger projects.

Staying ahead of design trends while keeping it real is one of Eli's specialties. He's a great listener, and excels at making the website creation process simple and easy from start to finish.

Eli has a soft spot for a good cappuccino, hipster bakeries, and fried chicken.

  • Corporate Branding / Logo Design
  • Web Design, UI Mockups
  • Web Development
  • Accounting
  • Technical Support
  • Loves Typography
  • Great family guy

August Boehm


Digital Marketing Analyst, Web Developer

August is our online marketing expert, bringing to the team a ton of experience in Google AdWords, Analytics, My Business, Tag Manager and Search Console / Webmaster Tools (and never forgets about Bing and Yahoo).

An expert in CSS and the newest online technologies, he's one of those awe-inspiring guys who can do anything he puts his mind to which makes him an invaluable part of the Adelaide Websites team.

He always focuses on improving user experiences across all devices, whether it be improving the click through rate in search engine results and speeding up page load times, while also increasing online sales.

He also enjoys photography, driving, referencing popular culture and spending time with family. He makes Roger Federer jealous.

  • Website Audits and PPC Google AdWords
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Page Speed Optimisation
  • EDM / Email Development
  • Technical Support
  • CSS Nerd
  • Go kart driving

Caterina Burford


Account Manager

Caterina is a lovely lady who sits at our front reception desk, ready to welcome our clients. Ever courteous on the phone, she also excels in office management, accounting, and smiling from ear to ear.

You'll just have to believe us when we assure you that Caterina is a wonderfully cheerful soul who will likely greet you on the phone or on your arrival.

  • Accounting
  • Wonderfully cheerful
  • Makes excellent cakes

For larger projects needing custom development or something completely out of the box, our team works directly with some 20 other staff members of the Alltraders custom software department, who work in the same building.

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Phone 08 7324 7170
Office The Alltraders Building
4 / 58 Greenhill Rd, Wayville SA 5034


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