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Adelaide web hosting improves your website speed for Adelaide customers

Speed up your website

Fact: Page load time affects bounce rates. The slower your website loads, the more people are going to lose patience and simply click the back button, often to never come back. Does your website load in 2 seconds or less? If it takes more than 5 seconds to load your website, you may be losing potential customers.

To ensure online traffic stays on your site and actually get to see your website to begin with, you have to first have a fast loading website.

The most fundamental aspect of a fast loading website is ensuring your website is hosted closest to your customers.

If your customers are in Adelaide, then Adelaide based web hosting means they will be seeing a fast loading website with almost no lag.

At Adelaide Websites, we run and manage our own web hosting servers here in Adelaide, and do not outsource our hosting to overseas companies. As our servers are under our direct control, this means we can deal directly with any issues that crop up, and provide fast and efficient support.

If you're interested in hosting your website in Adelaide, give us a call on 08 7324 7170, or view our web hosting pricing.

If you're interested in improving your website speed for your Adelaide customers, give us a call on 08 7324 7170.

Optimising your website for speed 

The Adelaide Websites team can optimise your website to improve your website performance, and have sped up many websites down to under 2 seconds.

Other characteristics of a speedy website are caching and other speed optimisations that are made both to the website code and on the server. Every website is different, and requires a unique approach to obtain the best outcomes.

There are many benefits of improving your website performance:

  1. Decreased loading times

    Faster loading websites will on average have a lower bounce rate, helping to ensure the people visiting your page actually see it before deciding to try a competitors website.

    Helping to keep users on your site increases the chance of them converting to a lead/contact or sale.

    If your website has an active blog or your website set up, the latest web technology from Google, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) may be for you. We have successfully set this up and seen improvements in load time from over 6 seconds to under 1.

    Regular blog page before AMP optmisation:

    AMP blog page before deployment

    AMP blog page after AMP optimisation:

    AMP blog page 0.7s

  2. Smaller download sizes

    Less kilobytes to download really speeds up the load times on slower connections and mobile networks. With mobile usage increasing for most websites, this is more important than ever.

    Sometimes when the waterfall of file download order has already been optimised, the one remaining thing to reduce are file sizes. With our image optimisation practices, we ensure smaller file sizes with minimal visual compression artifacts.

    Pagesize Optimisation

  3. Reuse already downloaded files (cache)

    Page and file/browser caching allows for the loading of every subsequent page to be potentially even faster loading than the initial landing page (assuming the same template/styling is used).

    It also allows website files downloaded from previous sessions to be reused and for repeat visitors to have an even faster experience than the first time round.

    Other server related optimisations we ensure are optimised include gzip compression (which can cause problems in iOS browsers if not correctly configured for example), keep-alive, and e-tags to name a few.

We can optimise your website even if it was developed by someone else. Here's two more examples showing significant improvements after and before our page speed optimisations were made:

pagespeed optimisation 2s

pagespeed optimisation 3s

If you'd like your website optimised – or for more info – give August a call on 08 7324 7170

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